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Autumn Miles

Autumn Miles encourages the exploration of bold truth, couples with raw faith, most specifically challenging women to change how they perceive women's role in society. She has outreach focused on domestic abuse within the church.


Abuse in The Church


Is Anyone Called by God?

Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie has lived a public life for the entirety of his adulthood, touring the world in Underoath and The Almost. He's always been open and honest about his faith and the changes it has undergone over the last 20 years. He still says that he has Christian beliefs, but they are a far cry from the Evangelicalism of his youth.


Aaron's Deconstruction Process


Hip hop and spoken word artist from Los Angeles, CA, Propaganda pioneered quality gospel-centered hip-hop, and continues to challenge Americans to think more critically about art, love, God, and how justice is the first step to unity.


Using Story to Remake the World


Who Really Belives in Hell?

Derek Webb

A 20-year music industry veteran, Derek Webb has sold millions of albums while ruffling political & spiritual feathers alike as both a solo artist and a founding member of Texas-based folk/rock band Caedmon’s Call. He is also Founder of the revolutionary tribe-building platform NoiseTrade (acquired by PledgeMusic in 2016).


Derek's Deconstruction Process


Is It Time To Move On From The Word Christian?


Available Now



Dave Elkins

Lyricist and lead singer for MAE, Dave has been writing deeply personal lyrics for two decades, while keeping faith discussions at arm's length. At the conference, Dave will share what his faith actually looks like, and how it got that way.



Dave's Deconstruction Process


Is Anyone Really Called By God?
Christianity and The Mental Health Crisis

Jacob Marshall

MAE's drummer, Jacob Marshall, has always been a forward thinker when it comes to Christianity and Spirituality. He's a creator and connector whose focus is on embodied multisensory aesthetic experiences, interdisciplinary constellations, and the future of culture. He is looking for new perspectives and better questions at the intersection of sensation, perception, emotion, and meaning. 


Jacob's Deconstruction Process


Who Really Believes in Hell?

Zach Gehring

Zach Gehring has been a touring musician since 1999 and a member of Mae since 2003. His experiences in travel and music have been and continue to be informed by his education in philosophy and the humanities. His interests are focused on the intersection of digital cultures, art, and neoliberalism. He is a published author and has spoken at national and international conferences on the topic of crowdfunding, ideologies of artistic practice, and the music industry.


Zach's Deconstruction Process

Christianity and The Mental Health Crisis

Brandan Robertson

Brandan Robertson is a bisexual writer, activitst, and speaker, best known for his writing and commentary on millennials, ethics, contemplative spirituality, and his work as an LGBTQ activist to evangelicals. Robertson currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Missiongathering Church in San Diego, CA.




Who Really Believes in Hell?

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