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Is Anyone Really Called by God?

There have always been people who have claimed that they have been Called by God. That they have a higher purpose. God is going to use them. But what proof do we have that God has set them apart and chosen them? Why should we believe them? Are they lying to themselves and us?

Moderated By: Matt Carter

Panelists: Autumn Miles

                 Dave Elkins

                 Devin Shelton

Christianity and the Mental Health Crisis

The world has a mental health crisis. More and more people are struggling to find peace mentally and emotionally. How can the Church improve its efforts and response to people inside and out of Christianity who need help?

Moderated By: Joey Svendsen

Panelists: Zach Gehring

                 Dave Elkins

                 Aaron Gillespie

Who Really Believes in Hell?

Hell is a scary place. We've been taught that if you make bad decisions or don't believe certain things then you will spend eternity there. An eternity burning in a lake of fire. But does anyone truly believe that? Who would you send to a lake of fire for eternity?

Moderated By: Dan Koch

Panelists: Propaganda

                 Brandan Robertson

                 Jacob Marshall

Is it Time to Move On from the Word Christian?

The word Christian doesn't only mean Christ Follower anymore. It often implies Republican, homophobia, sexual abuse, greed, control, and power to name a few. Is it time Christians moved away from the name and started fresh?

Moderated By: Dan Koch

Panelists: Derek Webb

                 Toby Morrell

                 Joey Svendsen


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